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    Quality is our priority

    Our mission is to help our customers to win competitive advantage in the competitive consumer market. We insist on product quality as our core. By engaging the latest equipment and technique, we strive to exceed customer's every expectations and packaging need with our high standard products




    As a pioneer in the rigid packaging industry, Centrway has always considered "Innovation" as the foundation and force behind our corporate development. Our company now owns several patented technologies applicable in various types of packaging products. These technologies have helped to elevate our product quality and to enhance added value to our customers' products.




    Stable, dependable and trustworthy. Our emphasis is to establish integrity as our corporate culture. We promote professionalism in our own Code of Ethics and Conducts. Our operations strictly abide by the laws and regulations of China in the production of high quality products. We take into consideration the experience of end users of our products and the benefits of our employees' welfare in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.



    People Oriented

    Centrway respects professionalism and tries to create the best working environment for our valuable employees. We not only care for employees' physical health, but also focus more on their training programs and career. Now we are actively preparing for ISO14000, ISO18000 system certification with the coming certification audit in the near future.




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